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For Over 30 years Restore Your Floor hardwood flooring Has been restoring worn-out, dull, and dated hardwood floors. Turning them into the modern floor of your dreams. Our craftsmen are of the highest skill and have the latest in hardwood floor refinishing equipment. We use the most advanced finishing products to ensure your floor will look beautiful for generations to come. You only have to refinish your family's floor once. Make sure you chose the right craftsmen, with the best products. Call now.

Southern California's #1 Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Contractor.

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Hardwood is one of the most prevalent choices for flooring today because of its extreme durability, aesthetic beauty and its ability to greatly add to the value of your home. 


People often choose hardwood flooring because of its unique capacity to be refinished. Other types of flooring have to be replaced if they get damaged or if the homeowner decides to remodel but wood floors can be refinished to original luster or stained to suit any style. As flooring goes it’s ultimately one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions. 


Restore your floor Hardwood Flooring is a full service wood flooring company. We specialize in unfinished hardwood flooring and can create a floor that will last you and your family for generations. Whether you are a contractor, homeowner, designer or business owner, working on a residential or commercial project, we can find or create the hardwood floor that best suits you. 


We are a licensed, bonded and insured third generation company located in Sacramento California. Restore Your Floor Hardwood Flooring has been specializing in hardwood flooring as a family tradition since 1957. Our services include installation of solid and engineered wood flooring, hardwood floor refinishing,restoration (resurfacing), repair, re-coat, hand scraping, wire brushing, custom colors and staining We also do inlays, borders, custom fabrication of stair treads, risers, nosing and reducers, installation and finish as well as subfloor preparation and leveling. From wood subfloor to Concrete foundations our family owned & operated company can complete any project with the quality & craftsmanship your home deserves.

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old Floor facts

   Most Homes built before 1980 were required to have solid hardwood flooring installed in order to get FHA financing.

The type of wood used was usually oak in random widths typically 3/4, 1/2" and 3/8" thickness. These types of custom solid hardwood flooring can usually be refinished up to five times if done by a professional. 


Things to look for in your solid hardwood floor can range from termite damage to pet urine, water damage and furnace hole repair. NOT TO WORRY, If you find this kind of damage we can surgically repair random hardwood floor planks even if it's in the middle of the room. After the solid hardwood floor planks are repaired refinishing of the whole surface is usually required.  There are some instances where spot repairs can be compleated without refinishing.


When your floors do not need complete sanding to bare wood we offer our exclusive recoating system. It includes a professional deep cleaning, buffing, and recoating using a commercial Grade two-part urethane finish.    READ MORE...



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